We believe that the recognition of quality must be achieved by constant improvement and refinement and by maintaining the highest quality standard, as well as adhering to stringent quality conformity with ISO specific processes.

Century Laser Enterprises Inc. invests extensive time, effort and capital in its ongoing Research & Development initiatives. Century Laser is primarily a Quality cartridge re-manufacturer with its focus on meeting or exceeding OEM specifications. We partner with some of the largest names in the industry and benefit from their multi-million dollar R&D budgets as well.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality raw materials are qualified to provide us with utmost support, such as Tech Bulletins, Industry alerts, new product announcements that are constantly refreshed to put us on the leading edge. Our suppliers perform product and QC testing prior to releasing any new product.

The staff at Century Laser are also active participants in training courses, seminars, conferences, trade shows and subscribe to various industry publications and electronic subscriptions to keep abreast of new technology and this constantly changing industry.