Environmental & Quality Policy


Integrated Management System Policy

Considering the purpose and context of the organization, and the condition of the environment in which the company operates, the management of Century Laser Enterprises Inc is committed to the continual improvement of the Integrated Management System (IMS), according to compliance obligations.

The management of Century Laser Enterprises Inc and its employees will perpetually see to the upholding and organizing of all relevant resources, structures, procedures and control methods with its primary focus on isolating the causes of substandard product quality and reliability in an effort to create sustainability and customer satisfaction while acting to protect the environment by preventing and eliminating environmental pollution through;

Environment and long term sustainability


  • Adhering to all environmental laws and regulations and other requirements applicable to our remanufacturing operations
  • Continual raising of environmental awareness of each and everybody’s role within the company
  • Be proactive in managing materials of a hazardous nature and in recycling waste products generated by our activities
  • Continually strive towards maintaining its primary objective of supporting a Zero to landfill initiative in keeping with three key elements Reduce/Recycle/Recover
  • Maintain a sustainable Product life Cycle and actively protect the Ecosystem
  • Be transparent about commitment, also asking suppliers to comply with environmental laws and where possible, giving preference to those suppliers who are ISO 14001 certified or equivalent and adhere to our Code of Conduct policy

Working environment

  • Spread awareness that every single employee is an active part of company life, and therefore responsible to promote its basic principles and actively contribute to its success;
  • Support teamwork as a way of inspiring and delivering on a set of common goals
  • Recognize and reward competencies and performance.
  • Guarantee a truly diverse and inclusive working environment, where diversity is valued and discrimination, in any way, shape or form is not tolerated
  • Communicating its employee code of conduct policy

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

  • “Measuring Quality … One Page at a Time.” Quality assurance is crucial to our competitiveness and strength in this industry.
  • Continually strive to isolate substandard product performance and that Quality remains the primary objective in meeting customer expectations.
  • Ensure that our Quality System is an integral part of our operations efficiency and effectiveness.